We have made the process for hiring professional developers as simple as possible. Rather than complicating a project with unnecessary contracts and stipulations, we have developed our own simplified procedure.

Clarify the skillsets required by the developers for the project

Ensure that NDAs are signed by all parties

Place developers with client and facilitate orientation and communication

Bill the client following each work week


It’s that easy.


We utilize software to manage the activity of each one of our developers in order to ensure that client billing is aligned with developer activity.  We also monitor our developers through our clients’ project management software so that we can see the same progress observed by our clients.


How do we keep our prices so low?


We have some great developers in-house!  Also, we have developed partnerships with specific technical schools and universities, freelance developers, nonprofits, and user groups that have an ideal developer for your project.  This allows us to work through a project more quickly than other companies at a lower cost.

Do you want to know more about pricing out a project or helping us with future projects?  Contact us today.